Blast from the past

Four drawings from my very first solo show ‘Interiors‘ at the Beach Gallery, Fremantle, in 1990. Here they are hanging in a  recent exhibition ‘Body’ at the Art Gallery of WA, curated by Melissa Harpley. John Stringer purchased them for AGWA back in the day when he was actively collecting emerging WA artists. I remember he haggled with me over the price – pretty cheeky given how cheap they were, but hey I was young and naive and just thrilled to have my work acquired for the state collection!

These drawings come from a good time in my life. My second year out of art school, I had given up a full time job with lots of potential to go back to waitressing, which had supported me during my last year at uni. While this might seem like a strange choice, it proved to be really productive – working mostly night shifts in the restaurant,  it meant lots of long uninterrupted days in the studio. And what a great space that was, an old factory unit in South Freo just between the yacht club and the Seaview Hotel. The Arnotts factory was still operational back then and I can still recall the smells of the different biscuits that were baked on various days of the week (sweet ones could be cloyingly sickly, but plain ones like Saos were mmm good).

I worked away all year long on a series of 24 drawings, slowly rendered with Conte pastel pencil – a really hard and scratchy medium that needed to be built up very gradually on the surface. And now here I am colouring-in silhouettes on wallpaper in yet another painstaking process.