Marsupial in residence

After thinking very carefully about it for many years, I am finally having some roof insulation installed in the studio. This ought to make the place much more habitable, especially in the summer when the temperatures can be intolerable. It’s DIY, so naturally taking some time. But once it’s up, I’ll call in an electrician to rewire the old CCAS lights that we scored after Trevor Smith’s renovation back in 1995 (or thereabouts?) and put in a nice retro stainless ceiling fan (or two). It’ll be a cosy studio indeed. And that means no more excuses! My very own Protectornaut!

I mentioned previously that I share the studio with a range of wildlife, including a possum. Well, in the process of preparing for the insulation, we had to remove some gyprock and he/she was rudely exposed during his/her daytime kip. She wasn’t happy (I’ve decided now that she’s a girl, though without seeing a pouch, I don’t know how you can actually tell). And she was really jammed in tight, her fuzzy little head pressed right up against the scaldingly hot corrugated iron. God knows how she doesn’t fry her wee brain: