When I grow up I want to be a website

Recently I was asked to do a one hour artist talk for a group of secondary art teachers involved in a 3-day professional development course. I said yes because I hadn’t ever really done such a thing (postgrad seminars and one exhibition floortalk aside) and thought it would be good for me. And it was.

Firstly, I really enjoyed looking back over my career which, to my surprise, was much fuller than I realised. Despite having first graduated from art school over 20 years ago, my practice has had many fits and starts – always squeezed into the gaps left after earning a living and raising a child, not to mention a major life crisis or two. Going back to art school a few years ago to do my Masters was a way of re-establishing and recommitting to a full time practice. And yet another few years down the track finds me still struggling, not only with the life-work balance but also the very idea of being an artist at all. There are many days I’d really rather just garden, or cook, or sew, or read, or…. anything other than getting to the studio. So, when it came to sitting down and looking back through my images, it was fantastically affirming to realise that I do in fact have a large body of work already behind me and that a twenty-year practice is something to be proud of, even if it has largely taken place in a small and local arena.

Secondly, I decided that this achievement needed to be made more public. Time to stop being a wall flower waiting to be swooped upon by a dashing Prince Charming (curator) or Fairy Godmother (dealer gallery). Hey girl, get on the self promotion wagon. Everyone is else is doing it, as they say.

And so here I am to announce the birth of yet another arrival in an already overcrowded blogosphere. Like any brand new baby, she will need some time to grow and develop. I hope you enjoy watching her mature and come back regularly to check on her progress.


3 thoughts on “When I grow up I want to be a website

  1. Well, a big welcome to you from one corner of Blogosphere. Just from this post alone I know I’m going to enjoy your writing (and hopefully images). What the art (blog) world needs is more life/work/art musings.

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